About Me

the story

Photo by Mimi Gibion.

Pryor Elliott was organically developed by founder Lindsay way back when in her New York City days. The concept was focus on a specific element to an overall event and lifestyle, which happens to be flowers and botany. Sourcing as much as possible from local markets and finding treasure’s at San Francisco Flower Mart from countries near and far, Pryor Elliott adds an artistic touch to your home, event, photo shoot, or wedding.

After graduating college with degrees in Psychology and Art from the University of California at Santa Cruz, Lindsay moved to New York. She landed work in the wine business, fashion industry, interior design business, she somehow ended up primarily in hospitality where all worlds combined. A Napa Valley native in the energetic and every changing city, discovered she had a knack for floral design. Working for several designers in the city, then moving home to continue her work with native Napa designers, she ventured on her own to express Pryor Elliott.

The name Pryor Elliott, originating in 2010, comes from the last names of Lindsay’s grandmothers. The vision was to embody what they passed on to her which was love for art, design, and family.